Time management, activity monitoring, monitoring start/end of shifts…

Activity analysis in real time, study of behaviour, monitoring the quality of your interventions and incident analysis… New challenges which require a solution that is able to support the volume and variety of the issues that your employees will encounter.



Monitor absenteeism and increase your responsiveness.



Manage the attendance of your employees at each site or at different stages of their shifts.



Measure your punctuality and anticipate any delays at each of your sites.

A complete management dashboard

Management dashboard compatible with PC, Android, Ipad, Iphone...

A solution tailored to your needs



No installation, available on PC/Mac, tablets and mobiles


Unlimited clocking‑in and intelligent alarm management


Unlimited storage, backup and enhanced security


No technical setup required
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In just a few years, the Tracking Attendance platform has become the leading time clock and data collection platform and currently handles millions of information items every day. When we refer to information, we’re talking about different kinds of data. This might be data from time clocks, attendance monitoring, quality or activity monitoring, site controls or data from different information recording systems.

Multiple time clocks, a solution for every situation


Turn any landline into a time clock. Each employee calls a dedicated phone number for your business.
Enters his or her personal code and registers his or her attendance in under 20 seconds.

Badge reader

In areas where there is no fixed line telephone, the badge reader comes into play.

At a fixed location or on mobile building sites, a simple personal badge is sufficient to register clocking in and out.

Mobile NFC scanner

Combine accuracy and ease of use by giving each employee a personal mobile NFC scanner. Sturdy and easy to use, all they have to do is pass the reader over an electronic chip installed onsite.

Web and Smartphone

Opt for flexibility and economy with free clocking-in device Android applications.
Geolocation (GPS), NFC reader… lots of options from your smartphone to suit all situations.

GPS TomTom Solution

Have your mobile teams clock in using a TomTom device with our solution.
Legally combine one of the best GPS solutions
with a real time
management solution.

The 2015 edition of the Tracking Attendance solution revolutionises the world of time and attendance and data collection by entering the Big Data universe. In addition to being the most powerful multiple time and attendance and data collection platform on the market today, Tracking Attendance now has new and original decision-making modules that were previously reserved for major companies.

Take control operations

Take control of your operations

You have a complete overview of activities in real time, which enables you to act proactively.


  • Arrivals and departures
  • The whereabouts of your employees
  • Absences and late arrival

Make the right decisions at the right time. Organise replacements easily.

Receive alerts in real time

Nothing could be simpler! Program your alarms yourself and receive alerts by SMS or e-mail.

Stay informed

  • If an employee is still at the site
  • If a site is still not ready
  • If there are any delays or absences

The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours. It’s as easy as using the alarm on your mobile phone.

Receive alerts in real time

Measure working time

Measure working time

Create activity and attendance reports for an employee in just a few clicks, and save time at the end of the month when preparing the payroll.

Export your reports

  • As a PDF
  • As an Ms Excel spreadsheet

View positive or negative deviations in real time. Manage overtime on a day-to-day basis.

Give your managers a boost

Give your managers access to custom tracking of their teams. Develop the spirit of competition to improve their performance.


  • Features of your choice
  • Schedules
  • Site and employee management

Give your managers a boost

Increase productivity and service quality

Increase productivity and service quality

Analysing your managers’ activity and performance in the field is being made extremely simple.


  • The results envisaged with the actions actually performed
  • The punctuality of their teams

Run your meetings with concrete reports.

MoveWORK Connect Entreprise,
for work in teams and managing your account

MoveWORK Connect

  • Access management

  • Activation of applications

  • Data sharing

  • Chat, video conference and file transfer between members

  • Online shop for purchasing new applications, hardware or accessories

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Top professionals rely on us

Larger SMEs and major European groups have also made the strategic move of choosing Tracking Attendance to deploy overreaching HR management and monitor activities within their network. By interfacing their HR solutions directly on the Tracking Attendance platform, they have automated the entire time management processing chain and can rely on the knowledge of the MoveWORK teams to support them with the implementation stage.

An international technical platform available
in 22 countries and 5 languages

clock-ins per day
data collected -per month
real time

No more double entry and exchanging complex data via files

By choosing Tracking Attendance, you’ve opted for the best HR solution on the market. Pegase, Quadra, WoNett and Intersoft are now compatible and form a unique and comprehensive fully automated solution to simplify your life.
If your editor is not on the list, invite him or her to join the Hub developer community in order to make their solution compatible with Tracking Attendance, free of charge. The Hub is a fully dedicated technical infrastructure that enables our partners, developers and key account customers to access all the data from the Tracking Attendance platform from their solutions.
  • Free development kit

  • REST type API

  • Real time processing

  • Multiple account management by private key

  • Dedicated infrastructure with high level of availability

Developer’s Platform